Need hint for my question regarding the working of rsync.

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> For example suppose I have a 2 GB file, so after generating checksum on
> receiver side, does the receiver sends all the generated checksum to the
> sender at once?

Yes, the receiver sends all the checksums that it generates at once (it
doesn't keep any of them around, so it sends them in a stream as they are
generated).  These are both a weak and a strong checksum for each chunk of
the file from start to finish.  The sending side puts all these checksums
into a hash before it starts to read its file, so it doesn't do any
transfer work until after the receiver has completely finished all its
checksum generation/transmission for the file.

For really big files it would be interesting to amend this rule to one
where the sending side waits only long enough for a certain number of
checksums to arrive before it begins its work (and perhaps pauses if it
gets too far ahead of the arriving checksums).  This would allow it to get
starting with its transfer work much sooner when sending a large file, with
the only reduction in matched chunks being any matches that it might have
made in data much deeper into the file.  If it were also changed to drop
early checksums as new ones arrived (perhaps prioritizing removal by a LRU
algorithm), it could even avoid the need to make its chunk size super-sized
(since large chunks are harder to find matches for).  Such an algorithm
would be more akin to transferring each really big file as if it were a
series of smaller files, but perhaps with some MRU chunk sharing tossed in.
 Of course, the downside to such a change would be to increase the number
of checksums generated per file (as chunk size decreases, chunk count
increases), but with the reduction in pausing it might work out better
overall.  It would be interesting to try some tuning ideas such as that.

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