getting problems with lsyncd.

Brian K. White brian at
Fri May 24 15:09:31 MDT 2013

On 5/23/2013 1:28 AM, garvit sharma wrote:
 > Please help i have tried many times but i did not found the reason
 > behind not syncing up.

What do you expect anyone here to do? This is the rsync mail list not 
the lsync mail list. I could tell you a lot about rsync but I have never 
used or seen or even heard of lsync.

Your debugging process starts with lsync. Find out what rsync command 
lsync is trying to run, if any, and we can then debug that rsync 
command, maybe.

When your vacuum cleaner doesn't work, you don't go to the people who 
made the motor inside, you go to the people who made the vacuum cleaner. 
Maybe the motor is bad, or maybe the motor is perfect and the power 
switch is bad, or maybe the motor and the power switch are both perfect 
and the hose is plugged, or any of 100 other things equally likely.

We only know about the motor. If you can tell us what kind of power is 
reaching the motor (what is the rsync command line being executed) we 
can tell if that will make the motor go or not. We can't tell you what 
else might be wrong with the rest of the vacuum cleaner and we can't say 
if the dirt will actually come up off the floor, only that the motor 
will go.

Essentially, you are asking the people who just made the motor that the 
vacuum cleaner people used in their vacuum cleaner, why the dirt isn't 
coming up off your floor.


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