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You are looking for lsyncd.

On 05/19/13 23:19, garvit sharma wrote:
> Hello All,
> Myself Garvit Sharma working in hyderabad central university(HCU)
> at DCIS. I have started using rsync to sync the data and i found it
> very interesting. After using rsync a lot i realized to contribute
> to rsync by adding some extra features into it. Every time for
> synchronization we need to do it manually by executing command on 
> the command line but instead of doing it manually imagine if it
> does automatically sync whenever it find changes in the single
> file. To do this we need to start a daemon on both the source and
> destination and these daemon will check the time stamp of last
> modification of the directory we want and if it finds the new time
> stamp then it will sync.
> The above mentioned idea is my own and i have already started
> reading and understanding the source of rsync. Please give your
> comments, your comments matters a lot for me.
> Thanks,
> -- Regards
> Garvit Sharma Computer Science and Engineering UG Third year LNM
> IIT, Jaipur
> /No Body is a Scholar by birth, its only hard work and strong 
> determination that makes him master./ / /

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