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Sat Mar 9 05:06:17 MST 2013


--- Comment #3 from roland <devzero at web.de> 2013-03-09 12:06:15 UTC ---
you can do that with pipe-viewer or similar pipe transfer visualization tools
with throttling feature. 


first we need to create a little wrapper to put pv into the transfer chain:

linux:/tmp # cat /tmp/pv-wrapper
pv -L 1000 | "$@"


linux:/tmp # rsync --rsh='/tmp/pv-wrapper ssh' -a /proc
root at localhost:/tmp/test
Password: 4 B 0:00:01 [3.68 B/s] [ <=> ]
file has vanished: "/proc/10/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/10/task/10/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/11/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/11/task/11/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/12/exe"=> ]
4.88kiB 0:00:05 [1002 B/s] [ <=> 

You can even adjust the transfer rate at runtime, as pv can communicate with a
running instance of itself - you will just need the appropriate PID. This would
even make cron based tuning of transfer rates possible.


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