Want details of different rsync protocol versions

akshay patil akshay29patil at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 23:29:27 MST 2013

I am studying rsync to do project on it.
I want to get more details about rsync protocol versions

I found major versions like 23,24,29,30 and in latest code protocol version
31. versions in code where important decisions are taken.

I also searched for RFC of rsync protocol and I found RFC 5781.

It's irrelevant to me as it describes rsync uri scheme and not the actual
protocol details and how it should be implemented.

So, this lead to one more doubt ,"why rsync's is not documented in RFC
since it is a protocol" ?

Any suggestions , where can I find detailed rsync protocol description?

Thanks in advance.

Akshay Patil ,
PICT ,Pune
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