rsync in conjunction with the --link-dest option does not output deleted files

Kevin Korb kmk at
Tue Jan 8 06:17:15 MST 2013

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You might find this useful:
It is a script I wrote that diffs 2 backup directories and will tell
you what is missing between them.  I can't say whether it will be
faster or slower than the cp -al method but it moves the processing
job to after the backup rather than before which you might prefer.

On 01/08/13 08:06, Maik Meier wrote:
> Would be nice if the link-dest option could also be used, if
> someone (like me) needs to log the backup history. As you say, this
> can reduce the total runtime. It would make sense.
> But thanks a lot. I think I can live with the cp -al solution.
> Maik
> ------- Original Message from Matthias Schniedermeyer -------
>> The alternativ (if possible) is to doing the link separatly and
>> then rsync, instead of letting rsync doing the linking.
>> cp -al <last_backup> <new_backup> and then rsync with
>> <new_backup> as target
>> The end-result is identical, if the number of files is large,
>> this can take longer as you have to walk the tree twice instead
>> of only once. If the number of files is small enough to fit into
>> the cache, there shouldn't not be a significat change in total
>> runtime.
> ------- Original Message from Kevin Korb -------
>> This is correct.  Rsync isn't actually deleting anything
>> therefore it has nothing to report.  It just isn't making a new
>> link.
>> If you really want to see deletes you can revert to the old
>> method that was used before --link-dest where you cp -al the old
>> backup to the new backup then rsync with --delete but not
>> --link-dest on top of the tree full of links.  The end result
>> will be the same as --link-dest with the verbosity you are asking
>> for though it will take longer.

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