rsync in conjunction with the --link-dest option does not output deleted files

Maik Meier maik at
Tue Jan 8 06:06:00 MST 2013

Would be nice if the link-dest option could also be used, if someone
(like me) needs to log the backup history.
As you say, this can reduce the total runtime. It would make sense.

But thanks a lot. I think I can live with the cp -al solution.


------- Original Message from Matthias Schniedermeyer -------
> The alternativ (if possible) is to doing the link separatly and then 
> rsync, instead of letting rsync doing the linking.
> cp -al <last_backup> <new_backup>
> and then rsync with <new_backup> as target
> The end-result is identical, if the number of files is large, this can 
> take longer as you have to walk the tree twice instead of only once.
> If the number of files is small enough to fit into the cache, there 
> shouldn't not be a significat change in total runtime.

------- Original Message from Kevin Korb -------
> This is correct.  Rsync isn't actually deleting anything therefore it
> has nothing to report.  It just isn't making a new link.
> If you really want to see deletes you can revert to the old method
> that was used before --link-dest where you cp -al the old backup to
> the new backup then rsync with --delete but not --link-dest on top of
> the tree full of links.  The end result will be the same as
> --link-dest with the verbosity you are asking for though it will take
> longer.

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