file corruption

anurag trivedi anuragmnnit2004 at
Sat Apr 27 12:26:49 MDT 2013

I am using rsync in my project for copying database binary files over the
network from active module to standby module.
Once in a while files found to be corrupt on standby module when copying is
done first time.When I checked the active module
at that time files found to be proper.
rsync is completing successful without giving any errors.
On comparing both files I see a big hole in standby file filled with 0's.
Below is my rsync command -

rsync -a  -c  -v --delete  --timeout=250 --contimeout=30 --temp-dir=xxxx
srcfile    dstfile
rsync is running in daemon mode.
rsync version - 3.0.9

On trying to sync same files again sync happened properly.

Does anybody have similar kind of issues?

Please help me in this regard.
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