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In use databases can't be copied with rsync or any file based tool.
The database must be inactive to be copied.  You didn't mention which
kind of database you are using but most have a function to freeze the
database for backups.  I don't know if QNX has LVM functionality but
that can work too.

Also, don't use -c unless you have a really good reason.  It is almost
always a bad idea.

On 04/27/13 14:26, anurag trivedi wrote:
> I am using rsync in my project for copying database binary files
> over the network from active module to standby module. Once in a
> while files found to be corrupt on standby module when copying is
> done first time.When I checked the active module at that time files
> found to be proper. rsync is completing successful without giving
> any errors. On comparing both files I see a big hole in standby
> file filled with 0's. Below is my rsync command -
> rsync -a  -c  -v --delete  --timeout=250 --contimeout=30
> --temp-dir=xxxx srcfile    dstfile rsync is running in daemon
> mode. OS - QNX rsync version - 3.0.9
> On trying to sync same files again sync happened properly.
> Does anybody have similar kind of issues?
> Please help me in this regard.

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