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Francis.Montagnac at Francis.Montagnac at
Sun Apr 7 09:49:45 MDT 2013

On Sat, 06 Apr 2013 14:52:59 +0200 Bob von Knobloch wrote:

> Thank you, it wasn't timestamps, but group id inconsistency (the source, 
> in this case is a Windows box, ids are always tricky).
> I must rewrite the group ID after transfer, because the destination gid 
> (special group), is neither the source (users) nor the invoking id 
> (root) and I see no option to rewrite it in rsync.

There is none, effectively.

If you are using ssh, what you can do is to:

  - define a dedicated account for your backup at the destination with
    a uid of 0 (ie: root) and a gid of the special group you want

  - change you backup script:
     - to use this account
     - to use not -a but -rlptoD (ie: -a without -g)

If you are not using ssh, but a mount of your destination on the
source machine, look at the possible mount options and use -rlptoD


PS: Using "rsync -a $SRC/* $DEST" is unsafe:

      - it will fail if $SRC contains a file whose name contains a space
      - it may fail if you have a lot a files under $SRC:
        Argument list too long
      - will not copy dot files

    Use instead: rsync -a $SRC/ $DEST

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