prune empty dirs doesn't seem to be doing so.... && optimizations?

Linda Walsh rsync at
Thu Oct 11 13:52:11 MDT 2012

I'm using: (according to ps)
/usr/bin/rsync --archive --human-readable --acls --xattrs --hard-links 
--no-inc-recursive --prune-empty-dirs --whole-file --one-file-system 
--compare-dest=/home/. --exclude=**/.recycle/**  
/home/.snapdir/@GMT-2012.10.11-02.23.25/. /home.diff/

But the difference FS systems get a full compliment of every dir in the 

Perhaps it wasn't well tested when using a 3rd dir to compare against?

Also, anyway to optimize the same-system case (using shared memory). 

Also an option to use inode numbers would greatly speed things -- since 
are snapshots of each other both file systems will have the same inode 
for files that equal.

As it stands, running the above rsync takes about 90 minutes/invokation.

The resulting 'differences' can be copied by "cp" in usually under 1 minute.
(a few Gig or less).

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