collecting the differences between a local host and remote archive to third local location (a usb device)

Linda Walsh rsync at
Thu Oct 11 14:01:45 MDT 2012

Benjamin Ward wrote:

> but it seems to not behave the way i thought it would.
How did you think it would work?

I use it  and will describe what it does w/my example:

I'm using: (according to ps)

/usr/bin/rsync --archive --human-readable --acls --xattrs --hard-links 
--no-inc-recursive --prune-empty-dirs --whole-file --one-file-system 
--compare-dest=/home/. --exclude=**/.recycle/** 
--exclude=CPAN-ishtar-build-cache/** /home/.snapdir/@GMT-2012.10.11-02.23.25/. 

This takes yesturdays snapshot and compares it to today file system 
(compare-dest=/home) and puts the differences (the files
I would need to bring "dest" "up to date", onto /home.diff (or your usb drive)...

Since I'm running the above on a single machine there is no network so I use 
whole-file and no-inc-recursive.

Is that what you were wanting?   Sometimes it's a matter of figuring out, in to 
which slot, each of the compared
items go into...

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