GSOC organisation for rsync?

Dimitrios Apostolou jimis at
Wed Mar 28 22:00:36 MDT 2012

On Fri, 23 Mar 2012, Dimitrios Apostolou wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have an interesting idea for improving rsync and I'd love to work on it as 
> part of GSOC. Is there a proper organisation to submit my rsync-related
> proposal?

Even though I got no reply here, I got a negative reply from the SAMBA 
project so I guess there is no proper organisation in GSOC for rsync.

If any rsync developer cooperates with some organisation accepted in GSOC, 
and thinks he can mentor me, I'd appreciate a reply before the GSOC 
proposal deadline, so that I can formulate an submit the proposal in time.

> Thanks in advance,
> Dimitris

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