killing rsync seems to wipe-out the --partial .hidden files

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon Mar 19 11:57:20 MDT 2012

On Mon 19 Mar 2012, Frank Hamersley wrote:
> I am running an overnight (off-peak) replication using "rsync --partial"
> which is "suspended" at 08h30 each morning to allow for day time use of the
> internet link.
> However it seems the "kill -TERM" on the various rsync (and ssh) processes
> is too aggressive as I can not see any trace of the .hidden partial transfer
> files.  I tried killing only the (parent) script process but the rsync/ssh
> processes just keep running in that case.

Perhaps the manpage isn't entirely clear on this: with --partial, when
the transfer is interrupted, the file is moved to the
_real_ filename.  Hence you don't see any dotfiles.


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