rsync takes a long time to start doing any transfers

Cary Lewis cary.lewis at
Thu Jul 19 11:51:43 MDT 2012

I want to use rsync with a cloud based rsync provider to do off-site
backing up of a large (1TB) dataset which consists of 32 million+ files
spread out in 300 directories. So the amount of files in any one directory
can be quite large (upwards of 2 million).

Rsync doesn't seem to cope with this well - even doing local copies in a
directory with several thousands of files takes a long time to initiate any

I though that with version 3, rsync was supposed to start transferring
before fully testing all of the files in a directory?

I am using version 3.0.9 under Cygwin.

Is there a command line switch I am supposed to use to force rsync to start
transferring more quickly?

Any insight / suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you.
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