Failed Verification - Update Retained (will try again)

Joel Jacobs jjacobs at
Wed Jul 18 03:38:56 MDT 2012

I would really like a little clarification for the error in the Subject. 

1. If it says "update retained" and I'm doing an --inplace sync, does that mean it did copy over the blocks it found during the initial pass? In other words, can I assume the synced version on the receiving end looks just like the source at the time it was first scanned for changes? I hope so.

2. If #1 is true, then is there any way to turn off the retry? 

I am backing up large disk images that are in use, so they are changing while being backed up. I accept that this isn't a best practice, but if I can count on getting a snapshot of the changed blocks, I don't need it to try again, or even to match the checksum in the end.

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