rsync hanging after working reliably for years on one of my shares

Rob J. Caskey rcaskey at
Fri Jul 13 07:21:09 MDT 2012

Howdy all,

I'm using rsync in conjunction with backuppc and have been backing up this share without incident for almost 3 years and it has decided to go and hang on me. Other shares on the same machine sync fine with identical settings, and nothing has changed on the backup end other than some routine dist-upgrades to keep update on security patches. I checked the apt cache and no rsync related dpkgs seemed to be hanging around in there so...

Checked files with recent ctimes and mtimes, nothing funny looking there like recursive links.

Log excerpt attached beneath. I think alphabetically xmlrpc.php may be the last file in the share, is it coincidence it hangs right after? Thoughts? Ideas? Unfounded speculation? Blatant slander?  Anything? Just about out of ideas on my end. I've got a dozen or so other hosts that are happily syncing away and passing all their unit tests but this one has greeted me the last 5 or 6 days with a sad face and I don't seem to be making any progress. Any ideas at all? Again, log snippet underneath. Let me know if this is a backuppc issue and I am barking up the wrong tree, but there is definitely an rsync process sitting out there indefinitely long.


/var/lib/backuppc/pc/luna.aha/900/f%2fvar%2fwww/ cache = , invalid = , phase = 0
Sending csums for (size=294)
Sending: acf531d26f1c50f1366757a80100d5d75332c5e7e75a6d<snip, about 1k of data>
Sending csums, cnt = 0, phase = 1
<!-- this is where it just gets stuck until I kill it -->
Parent read EOF from child: fatal error!
Done: 0 files, 0 bytes
exiting after signal INT
dump failed: aborted by user (signal=INT)
link luna.aha

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