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When using rsyncd you can only use paths defined as modules in the
rsyncd.conf file.  You can use specific paths within those modules but
you can't go outside of the pre-defined modules.

If you want to use arbitrary locations then you probably want rsync
over ssh.

For rsync over ssh the syntax is simply user at host:/path with user@
being optional.

On 07/12/12 02:46, Ash wrote:
> Ash wrote
>> Thanks a lot Kevin. Found the entry in rsyncd.conf. Just one
>> final question....
>> Is this the way rsync resolves locations? I.e, if <dir> is not an
>> actual directory on <host>, does it check for a module named
>> <dir> defined in rsyncd.conf?
>> Thanks, Ash
> Alright, after reading a bunch of tutorials on rsync, I get the
> feeling that synchronizing with the daemon requires the use of
> modules, i.e, you cannot use anything but a module name after
> <host>/. Still need some closure on this however....
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