How to get the estimated binary diff size without really changing the destination folder?

Kevin Korb kmk at
Mon Jan 30 09:37:22 MST 2012

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- --only-write-batch=FILE ; du FILE

On 01/30/12 11:35, Zhenhua Li wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have been exploring how to get the estimated binary diff size 
> without changing the destination folder, but still have no answer.
> I have difficulty in solving this problem.
> I want to do something like:  rsync -av ~/src/
> user at host::module/dst/ but I do not want the dst/ to be really
> changed. That is to say, I only want to get the estimated binary
> diff size (or says delta size) between /src and /dst.
> I tried the option -n (--dry-run) but it only lists which file will
> be changed rather than how many bytes are different (will be 
> transferred).
> Could you please give me some help or heuristics? Thank you very
> much!

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