Manpage states "-C" is an exclude pattern when it's actually a filter rule

Patrice Peterson runiq at
Sun Jan 29 14:03:30 MST 2012


I recently tried to use the "-C" filter rule in a file with exclude
patterns and was stumped for a while when it didn't work as I expected
(it was supposed to expand to exclude patterns for several version
control files/directories, like .git, .hg, .svn etc.). This is the link
to the pastebin with the pattern file and the rsync invocation I used,
just in case:

On IRC I was told that -C is actually a filter rule, not an
include/exclude pattern, so I should use it with
"--filter=merge filterfile", which worked.

The manpage layout was a bit confusing to me. The explanation to the -C
modifier was put under "INCLUDE/EXCLUDE PATTERNS", so I (naturally?)
assumed it would work if I used it the way I did. Wouldn't
it perhaps be better to put the -C rule into the "FILTER RULES" section
where it belongs?

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