Low performance

Voelker, Bernhard bernhard.voelker at siemens-enterprise.com
Mon Jan 9 04:03:38 MST 2012

Tomasz wrote:

> I had network data transfer issue some time ago where transfers in one  (A
> to B) direction were at full network speed..  Transfers in opposite
> directions (B to A) where going at 1 to 2 Kbit/sec.
> Eventually the cause was tracked down and it turned out to be a duplex
> mismatch caused by auto-negotiation protocols between two switches, and
> also between one of the switches and one of the hosts

I once had experienced a similar bottleneck: it was solaris 10 with
10g cards, and turning off auto-negotiation solved the problem.

BTW: you still didn't show us the results with e.g. scp. I assume
it to be at the same level.

Have a nice day,

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