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tmc at vandradlabs.com.au tmc at vandradlabs.com.au
Mon Jan 9 03:37:18 MST 2012

I had network data transfer issue some time ago where transfers in one  (A
to B) direction were at full network speed..  Transfers in opposite
directions (B to A) where going at 1 to 2 Kbit/sec.

Eventually the cause was tracked down and it turned out to be a duplex
mismatch caused by auto-negotiation protocols between two switches, and
also between one of the switches and one of the hosts


On Mon, January 9, 2012 20:33, Hendrik Visage wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 10:32 PM, R. Pietsch <rp.rsync at pcs-at.com> wrote:
>> I try to capture such a rsync-stream with wireshark.
> Hmmm... receiving or transmitting side?
> I *assume* the transmitting side given the time difference between the
> packets and their ACKs.
>> the times are for example:
>> 10.510155 for the rsync-packet (Len=27512)
>> 10.550024 for the Ack
>> 10.550181 for the next rsync (len=27512)
>> 10.589985 for the Ack
> What would be interesting, would be to compare the absolute times of
> both sides during this to see the actual network latency, and the
> processing time on the receiving side, as the .03-.04 difference could
> be anything.
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