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You want --update to make sure that it is the newest version of the
file that gets propagated.

On 02/13/12 07:13, Roland RoLaNd wrote:
> Dear All, Background information: i have a cluster of 14 apache
> servers running behind a load balancer .hits to the server are
> random, there's no master webserver so uploads to the website may
> land on app server 1..14 depending on where it landed by the load
> balancer. What i need help with: i want to have all the "uploaded
> files" in all webservers to be in's a scenario: 1. User
> uploaded file1.txt to the site(names are unique), where it landed
> on app server 1.2. Same user visits the site the next day and his
> hit lands on app server 3 that informs the user that there's no
> such file as file.txt
> What i've tried: 1. as a cron: for i in {1..14};do rsync -av
> /source/uploaded/dir/
> user at 192.168.5.$i:destination/uploaded/dir/;done on all 14
> servers. 2. uploaded file1.txt and made sure it lands on webserver1
> and the same file1.txt with a minor change that landed on webserver
> 3.
> Result: 14 webservers received only the oldest file instead of
> propagating the new one.
> Can anyone put me on the right track with tihs? Best, --Roland

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