cannot rsync when source directory lacks write permission

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Fri Aug 10 06:16:37 MDT 2012

On Fri 10 Aug 2012, András Porjesz wrote:

> priority). My assumtion was defaults only used when required, but as I
> wrote already, rsyncd overkills client side settings.

Of course it does, otherwise you have no security at all, if the client
can override whatever the server daemon has configured.

> You tried to explain nobody is normal as default - and I accept it, I tried to explain overwriting/ignoring -perms is a bug...

It doesn't overwrite/ignore --perms; it does what it can to the limit of
unix security model allows.  If you transfer files that were owned by
user nobody, then those permissions will be preserved just fine.


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