Time rsYnc Machine (tym)

Linda Walsh rsync at tlinx.org
Fri Aug 10 05:47:59 MDT 2012

Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Thu 09 Aug 2012, Linda Walsh wrote:
>> Anyway, thanks for the history update.   I have a feeling rsync is afraid to use
>> memory -- and really, it should try to use alot of memory to optimize transfers,
> I have had rsync fail after using up 8GB memory + 4GB swap, so I'm very
> happy it does its best to minimize memory usage.
	Well it should size itself for the resources available...in
any case up or down...

> OK, and now on a 6*TB* HD :-) This is on one of "my" backup servers:
> /dev/sdc               39T   33T  5.9T  85% /backup
	you fit a 39T partition on a 6TB HD?  something slipped there
as on mine. -- my media partition was 6T, not 6G.  I'm always losing units...

> Paul

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