Time rsYnc Machine (tym) - version 2

M. Carrasco ca at dragoman.org
Wed Aug 8 13:30:01 MDT 2012

1. Version 2
It is at 

- Compatible with version 1
- Some refinements
- Options to monitor, show the logs, kill the process and delete old copies
- Making the code more readable (Joe, please point out part that need more commenting)

2. Bloom filter
tym is just a wrap for rsync, so it comes down to using rsync options.
But any suggestion how to do it outside rsync?

3. rsync examples
To the administrator of 

Feel free to copy and/or link. Somebody might repost to
 rsync-bugs at samba.org

4. Push and Pull Network Backup Strategies
Informative: I put a link in the tym page.


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