cannot rsync when source directory lacks write permission

András Porjesz andras.porjesz at
Wed Aug 8 00:29:34 MDT 2012

Hi Steven,
In my case rsyncd runs as root, so it must have right to do the job. Rsync started with -p, but the daemon could not write into the destination area, because the [newly created] directories were owned by "nobody" and "other" had no right to write into it. The solution (workaround) was to add this line to the config of the daemon: uid=root. I have no any idea why it works, why it has any effect at all and why it was not documented if it was required to use --perms.


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>No I think this bug is not related. However, I am wondering : if the 
>directory is write-protected, even for root, that means it never 
>changes right ?

No.  As the code says

/* We need to ensure that the dirs in the transfer have both
 * readable and writable permissions during the time we are
 * putting files within them.  This is then restored to the
 * former permissions after the transfer is done. */

If András can not create files and/or dirctories at the destination, it is because the directory does not already have the required read/write permissions or the rsync daemon does not have the authority to change the permissions.



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