Exclude from not excluding "My Music" or "Printhood"

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Mon Apr 30 19:07:08 MDT 2012

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My suspicion is that those are not sub directories but shortcuts or
some other Windows magic similar to ~/.gvfs in some Linux systems.
Take off the trailing / and it should work.

On 04/30/12 20:38, Daniel Feenberg wrote:
> We have been using rsync for some time with Linux and FreeBSD, but
> are just now trying to make it work with Windows. Not as easy as we
> hoped.
> I am running the cwrsync client 3.0.6 on a new Windows 7 machine to
> a FreeBSD 8.1 server. I have an exclude-from filelist, which does
> seem to successfully exclude the directories given by many of its
> entries, including these two lines:
> Documents/My[ ]Videos/ Nethood/
> but the apparently similar (to me) directories
> Documents/My[ ]Music/ Printhood/
> just generate the error
> rsync: opendir "/cygwin/c/users/feenberg/Documents/My Videos"
> failed: Permision denied (13) rsync: opendir
> "/cygwin/c/users/feenberg/Documents/Printhood" failed: Permision
> denied (13)
> As it happens, those directories don't really exist - at least the
> dir command won't list them and I certainly didn't do anything to
> create them. But then it doesn't list "My Videos" or "Nethood"
> either although they show up in MS explorer. They are some kind of
> MS damaged symbolic link, I suppose. I need to get rid of spurious
> messages - does anyone know how to do that?
> Also, I do want the contents of "My Documents", which also gets an 
> opendir error. But I think it duplicates the plain "Documents"
> folder, so this may not be a problem beyond the spurious message. I
> haven't excluded it yet.
> Thanks for any help.
> Daniel Feenberg NBER

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