Exclude from not excluding "My Music" or "Printhood"

Daniel Feenberg feenberg at nber.org
Mon Apr 30 18:38:09 MDT 2012

We have been using rsync for some time with Linux and FreeBSD, but are
just now trying to make it work with Windows. Not as easy as we hoped.

I am running the cwrsync client 3.0.6 on a new Windows 7 machine to a 
FreeBSD 8.1 server. I have an exclude-from filelist, which does seem to 
successfully exclude the directories given by many of its entries, 
including these two lines:

   Documents/My[ ]Videos/

but the apparently similar (to me) directories

   Documents/My[ ]Music/

just generate the error

rsync: opendir "/cygwin/c/users/feenberg/Documents/My Videos" failed: Permision denied (13)
rsync: opendir "/cygwin/c/users/feenberg/Documents/Printhood" failed: Permision denied (13)

As it happens, those directories don't really exist - at least the dir 
command won't list them and I certainly didn't do anything to create them. 
But then it doesn't list "My Videos" or "Nethood" either although they 
show up in MS explorer. They are some kind of MS damaged symbolic link, I 
suppose. I need to get rid of spurious messages - does anyone know how to 
do that?

Also, I do want the contents of "My Documents", which also gets an 
opendir error. But I think it duplicates the plain "Documents" folder, so 
this may not be a problem beyond the spurious message. I haven't excluded 
it yet.

Thanks for any help.

Daniel Feenberg

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