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Wed Oct 26 20:12:15 MDT 2011


It seems that the issue is todo with the network. However, I would suggest you try with a different computer system to be sure. Additional notes follow :


> server: iperf -s -D -p 873
> (problematic network) client: iperf -c -L 873
> The client times out.  I know that iperf is running on the server because I can
> telnet 873
> and get connection.  So, I'm not sure if this is the correct process? 

If you remove the "-D" option then you should see output logged directly to the console on the iperf server. Adding the "--format M" may make the output easier to read. However neither of these are issues which would stop this from working IMHO.

> I'm told that the firewall is open for bi-directional connections on port 873 to all systems on the Internet. 

Rather than trying a bi-directional connection you could try the following on the client :
iperf -c -p 873

Assuming you are behind NAT, this will confirm that a connection may be established from your client to the server and that data transfer is possible. 

> The team the runs the network is notorious for needed very concrete evidence for making firewall changes so I need to build my case ;-)..

I would suggest the iperf command I have listed above and seeing if that works. If you have a system (eg. Laptop/Netbook) which you could easily move between networks. Then you could try from outside of the problematic network (eg. a network which outbound TCP traffic on port 873 will be allowed) and then from within within the problematic network.

If the problematic network is not working and the iperf / rsync is working from a known good network. Then consider lending the laptop to the network team and ask them to make changes and provide them a system which they may use to test any changes with?

Hope this helps.

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