rsync connection/transfer error

Herb Burnswell herbert.burnswell at
Wed Oct 26 12:19:15 MDT 2011

Thanks for the response..

>Is your output on this problematic network similar to the following :
>$ telnet 873
>Connected to
>Escape character is '^]'.
>@RSYNCD: 30.0
Yes, this is exactly the output.

>Also, what happens if you add -n (--dry-run) to the following command :
> rsync -artv rsync:// /var/www/html/centos/5/updates/i386
I receive the same errors with or without the -n option.
>Is the firewall opened for connections on port 873 to all systems on the
Internet? The reason I ask is because you could start an iperf ><> server (operating on port 863) on a remote
system and see if connections works from the problematic >network/host and
what kind of throughput you are getting. Perhaps the connection opens but
once data starts being passed >something is going wrong?
I'm told that the firewall is open for bi-directional connections on port
873 to all systems on the Internet.  However, I agree that it seems like I'm
getting connection and then something fails.  I am new to iperf but here is
what I tried:

server: iperf -s -D -p 873
(problematic network) client: iperf -c -L 873

The client times out.  I know that iperf is running on the server because I

telnet 873

and get connection.  So, I'm not sure if this is the correct process?

>The other thing is that you could setup an rsync server on a different
system and see if it has the same problem. With such a test >you should see
the same issue if it is a network issue.
I have set up an rsync server on the 'working' network and the 'problematic'
network has the same errors attempting to connect to it as well.

>As far as I am able to see the mirror you are connecting to for the source
seems to be working fine <>. I suspect >there is an issue
with the network connection or host.
I agree, any other tests to confirm (is the time out with iperf a tell tale

>Check the environment variables on the system for anything which may be
causing issues. Also, you if possible you could try >building a copy of
rsync from source and see if that helps?
>Finally, have you attempted the same rsync command from another system
within the problematic network? If so what was the >result did it manage to
pull the data down from the server?
I do receive the same errors from another machine on the 'problematic'
network (same firewall rules).  One machine running rsync 2.6.8 and the
other running 3.0.6.

Thanks again for any assistance, the team the runs the network is notorious
for needed very concrete evidence for making firewall changes so I need to
build my case ;-)..

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