why does rsync translate user at host into '$RSYNC_RSH -l user host'?

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Thu Oct 20 06:28:46 MDT 2011

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OK then...

Because it would break an officially supported use case (rsh).  It would
also break the lsh utility included with rsync (in the support dir).
The --rsh parameter is for specifying alternative remote shells that are
command line compatible with rsh.

In this discussion we have 2 well known use cases plus a basic design
feature verses a single user's custom solution that could probably be
easily re-customized to be rsh command line compatible.

On 10/20/11 01:57, Brian K. White wrote:
> On 10/20/2011 12:08 AM, Kevin Korb wrote:
> I should also point out that I am not making up cool distinctive names
> for my config file.  I am using that actual host name of the system that
> I am trying to connect to so that I can type 'ssh hostname' as if I were
> plugged into the LAN that it was on.
> I can sit at my house with my private IP, type 'ssh
> hostname', and end up logged into a server at work with a
> private IP.  I got there by actually connecting to a
> real internet IP address/host name but I don't have to specify that
> every stinking time I want to ssh.
>> Some of us ssh from random machines to other random machines.
>> Some ssh servers and clients are on appliances that are either
>> impossible or completely impractical to configure ~/.ssh/* or don't even
>> have any such thing as ~/.ssh/* in fact openssh is not even the only ssh
>> server or client even when you are dealing with a unix-like system.
>> Configuring ~/.ssh/* is nice in some cases, and utterly impractical, or
>> not even possible in others.
>> The OP's question was not about other ways to use ssh but why rsync
>> couldn't allow the user to supply an unpredicted type of url that they
>> happen to know would work if rsync would just not try to parse it but
>> just collect it and and hand it off.
> On 10/19/11 23:58, Kevin Korb wrote:
>>>> you find it easier to make a bunch of ssh config clauses first, each
>>>> with cool distinctive names? I salute your typing skills.

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