Patch: Better handling for rsync temporary files

Alex Jurkiewicz alex at
Wed Oct 19 22:59:40 MDT 2011

Hi all,

These two patches change how rsync handles temporary files on the receiver
side. The first patch adds a static token to rsync's temporary filenames.
The second patch ignores files with this token when using --cvs-ignore.

The behaviour I wanted to improve was the case where two rsyncs are
simultaneously reading and writing the same tree. In this scenario the
reader can end up reading the writer's temporary files (unless you use
--temp-dir) and copying them elsewhere.

A side effect of this change is the names of rsync's temporary files will be
"self-documenting" for users running `ls -la`.

I've tested this patch on Linux, but am reasonably unfamiliar with C so
feedback appreciated.

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