rsync compares all files again and again

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Fri Oct 14 15:31:57 MDT 2011

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Tell me about it.  I do shared web hosting so I have tons of gigs of
mostly tiny files to deal with.  Ended up making multiple backup servers.

There isn't really anything like FAT's archive flag in *nix filesystems.
 Everything generally operates on the timestamps of the individual files.

On 10/14/11 17:22, Frank Steiner wrote:
> Kevin Korb wrote
>> Correct.  rsync doesn't pay attention to ctime as it can't set ctime to
>> arbitrary values.
> The mail I was referring to indeed mentioned mtimes, sorry for that.
> So, as far as I understand your replies, there is no way to prevent
> rsync from comparing at least size/mtime of  each and every file because 
> file contents can change without any flag/time/whatever of the directory
> the file is in changes?
> That's strange, shouldn't sth. change in the directory information if
> a files status in the directory changes? Sth. like the archive flag in
> The problem is that even just comparing sizes/mtimes can take hours
> on a 12 TB raid of there are hundreds of directories and each has
> 25 million files in it :-o so I hoped for a shortcut for unchanged
> directories.
> cu,
> Frank

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