rsync compares all files again and again

Kevin Korb kmk at
Fri Oct 14 09:41:28 MDT 2011

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Use --itemize-changes to find out why.  In fact, --verbose is almost
entirely worthless without --itemize-changes.

On 10/14/11 05:13, Frank Steiner wrote:
> Hi,
> we do a 1:1 backup from our main raid to a backup raid every night with
> rsync -a --delete /mnt/raid1/ /mnt/raid2
> rsync is 3.09, filesystems are ext3, OS is SLES 11 SP1.
> The rsync process takes several hours, even if no file has changed at all.
> Using -vv I see that rsync compares all files every time and that takes
> long for some hundreds of millions of small files.
> Can I tell rsync it should not compare files in a directory if the 
> directory has not changed, i.e., ctime is the same in source and target?
> I.e., when I have a dir x with a subdir y and a file y1 in it, I see:
> rsync -avv x z
> created directory z
> delta-transmission disabled for local transfer or --whole-file
> x/
> x/y/
> x/y/y1
> on the first run and
> rsync -avv x z
> x/y/y1 is uptodate
> on every following run. Why does rsync compare y1 again? 
> I couldn't find a solution in the mailing list or FAQ and when googling.
> I found a mail in this list telling that -a was the culprit and one
> should add -O to fix it, but it doesn't make any difference.
> cu,
> Frank

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