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the problem is to lock the databases to get a consistent backup.

You'd be better off asking .
Maybe using a simple mysqldump + transferring the dump to a backup server would
meet your requirements (for this, you could use rsync, of course ;-).

Have a nice day,

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Hi there!

I would like to ask kindly for some further information concerning Rsync software.
What I am planning to do is to replicate data (database) at certain intervals.
My first question is, can I do this with Rsync?
To be more specific I have a mysql database at a point and I want this database to be replicated to a remote side at real-time.
In other words I need to setup a backup process for this database in real time.
Could anyone tell me if I can do this with Rsync and give me a clue how can I implement this?
Thanks in advance.


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