Replacing rsync on OSX servers.

Bryan Pliatsios bryan.pliatsios at
Sun Nov 20 20:25:39 MST 2011

Having built and tested 3.0.7 and ready to send it out into production, can anybody point me to 'best practices' for updating the binary and man pages and other issues around upgrading from the dodgy v2.6.9 that ships with late-10.4-thru-10.7?

Is anybody making substantial effort to check versions and conflicting options by writing a wrapper and linking the new version from /usr/local/bin, or just overwriting the old one and adding it to a list of checks for testing new server builds and OS upgrades?

Not having replaced an OSX tool in the past, I've got no idea if Apple is prone to update these utils, or just 'fix' what I've done automatically during routine checks and system upgrades.
Any experiences would be appreciated.


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