two bugs in rsync 3.0.6 - ampersands in filenames, double quoting required

alex conway at
Sat Mar 12 13:39:38 MST 2011

fuck off

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 2:41 AM, <travis+ml-rsync at> wrote:

> 1)
> deleting path/to/(Something) Word Word Anotherword--Word Word.pdf
> IO error encountered -- skipping file deletion
> I think either the -- is causing it to fail, or more likely, the next
> filename, which it didn't bother to print out, which has an ampersand
> in the name, causes it to fail.
> I am using SSH as a substrate, of course, and I think you guys failed
> to escape things, so the ampersand is hosing your protocol somehow.
> 2)
> I am also aware that when rsyncing to a foreign system, you have to
> "double escape" filenames - if the target has a space in it, you must
> use not one, but two sets of quotes.  Since you can't nest double
> quotes or single quotes, this means that you have to use both.
> This is fairly annoying, for a number of reasons, including the
> difficulty of doing variable substitution (single quotes prevent it,
> so you gotta bust out for the variable and then back in), and the fact
> that it's not intuitive at all.
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