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I don´t know if this is the palace top put my inquire, if is not, I
apologize and ask if someone can redirect me to the right place. 


I’m using rsync as a backup system from my PC (windows) network using a
command like


rsync –av remotePath localPath


at the end of the process, rsync prints some summary statistics that I don’t
know what exactly means.


Sent 2742043 bytes  received 377885 bytes  271298.09 bytes/sec

Total size is 44016420050  speedup is 14108.15


Which is the meaning of all of this figures?


If I change the command to


rsync -avv remotePath localPath


there is an extra statistic that says


total: matches=0 hash_hits=0 false_alarms=0 data=152576


this last figure is the total size, in bytes, of the files sync’ed


Is it possible to get the size  of the files really transferred without
using the double ‘v’ argument?


Thanks in advance,



Guillermo García Sir

CIS Asociados Consultores en Transporte S.A.

Austria 2042 Providencia

Santiago de Chile

F: 56-2- 2051033  Fax: 56-2-2051029 



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