show how much bytes transfered per rsynced file?

peter pilsl pilsl at
Fri Jun 17 07:22:14 MDT 2011

We use rsync a lot to backup various stuff over bigger distances and its my project to look deeper into this backups to optimize backup.

While its easy to make rsync print the size of the files it is transferring I didnt figure out how to determine how much bytes are actually transferred per file which is even more interesting.

If I sync a whole data-structure with 100.000 files lets assume 1000 files are actually changed and they have 10M - 1G each.  The Delta-algorithm only transfers the amount of data that has really changed (at least it tries and it does a good job) and I would want to know how much bytes this are per file.  rsync only tells me the total amount of transfered bytes but not per file.

The reason for this is that I need to find out which files causes most of our backuptraffic and then probably look for different and more efficient ways on syncing this files.

thnx a lot,

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