rsync caching files on my local hard drive and not deleting

David ebaydavem at
Fri Jun 3 04:39:05 MDT 2011

Hi guys/gals,

I am using rsync to keep two external USB disks sync'd. I have one disk that
I use on a day to day basis, I then run rsync periodically to then make sure
all the info on that disk is mirrored on the second disk. Last night I tried
to do this, as I always have. However, I encountered an issue. In OSX I
suddenly got an 'out of disk space' warning. Monitoring disk space whilst
rsync is running it would appear that it is moving the files from one USB
drive to the local hard disk then to the other USB drive.

This is fine I guess, except it just used up 200GB of disk space and isn't
freeing up any space! I am now sat at 700mb free and cannot rsync anymore.
Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have a solution? I haven't
submitted this as a bug yet as it has never been an issue before with this
same version of rsync (using latest version as of todays date) or with this
version of OSX.

The usual basic steps of restarting etc have not resolved the issue. I did
notice that when I quit terminal when I first noticed the issue that my disk
space seemed to be coming back at around 1mb/sec.

Kind Regards,

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