[Bug 8188] Mechanism for taking an rsync server down for maintenance

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--- Comment #5 from Andrew Pollock <andrew-samba-bugzilla at andrew.net.au> 2011-06-03 03:56:14 UTC ---
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> > That's very cute, but not quite what I had in mind.
> > 
> > I just attached a proof of concept patch that I surprised myself by being able
> > to hack together the other night.
> > 
> > The real thing probably needs to be configurable, and it'd probably be better
> > to get the message from the contents of the file (if there was any).
> Someone else emailed me an untested idea to just use exclude file and
> place/remove/edit the exclude file to toggle the access.
> That doesn't provide the truly graceful/informative response code or message,
> but:
> * toggles the access
> * avoids downing the service even momentarily
> * potentially avoids requiring a host admin to even do anything, since a user
> may have permission to place/remove the exclude file
> * it's at least distinct from failed to connect
> * uses already existing features
> * does not require any, let alone two different, wrapper layers in the form of
> the perl (or other) wrapper script and (x)inetd to run it.
> I haven't finished playing around with that to see just how close that can come
> to the desired fully graceful process but I felt it should be mentioned as
> another workaround option.

The same could be said for my "patch". If the file that is checked is
configurable, and the contents of the file are used to obtain the message, then
it also

* toggles the access
* avoids downing the service even momentarily
* can potentially avoid the host admin having to do anything if the file is in
a user-writable location (I personally don't consider this to be a desirable
* doesn't require wrappers

I'm prepared to continue futzing around with my patch if it has merit, I'm just
not a very competent C programmer.

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