Backing up from windows to macintosh

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Sun Jan 23 11:44:14 MST 2011

Bump. I got no responses from this at all.

In a nutshell: How do I use rsync to copy as much as possible from a
windows machine, for storage on a mac system, to use the mac's Time
Machine for backups?

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 6:39 PM, Michael_google gmail_Gersten
<keybounce at> wrote:
> I want to backup from a windows machine to a Macintosh. All of the
> guides that I've seen describe the other direction.
> Worse, they all seem slightly different, or inconsistent.
> The first thing that I'd want to do should be simple: an rsync -az
> --delete of the entire drive, to back up all of the files.
> But that's not everything on the windows machine. And this is what I
> have not seen discussed or mentioned anywhere.
> Windows files have two names, the normal long name and a twiddle name
> that is seen in the registry. If the twiddle name is different on
> restoration, some registry entries will break.
> Windows files can have alternate data streams, and I haven't seen any
> indication of how to back those up.
> Windows files have ACL's that are not compatible with Macintosh ACL's.
> And annoyingly, windows registry file can only be copied either from
> restore points or from shadow backup -- but I can't find any
> indication of how to use shadow backup service.
> So, what I thought would be a real simple question, that I can't find
> with Google:
> How do I copy as much as possible about my windows system, over to a
> mac, so that the Mac's "Time Machine" can keep snapshots, and then
> restore those files later if I clobber something?
> (Grumble, western digital drives come with "backup software", but it
> doesn't properly backup a whole drive, and it doesn't properly delete
> files that are no longer on the source.)
> Oh, and how do you automate the transfer (yes, I know about scheduled
> tasks on windows) so that I don't have to type a password, without
> compromising security? Some of the guides discussed ssa-gen, but then
> said don't copy the files for security, so ... I'm not understanding
> something.

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