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Sun Jan 9 19:39:55 MST 2011

I want to backup from a windows machine to a Macintosh. All of the
guides that I've seen describe the other direction.

Worse, they all seem slightly different, or inconsistent.

The first thing that I'd want to do should be simple: an rsync -az
--delete of the entire drive, to back up all of the files.

But that's not everything on the windows machine. And this is what I
have not seen discussed or mentioned anywhere.

Windows files have two names, the normal long name and a twiddle name
that is seen in the registry. If the twiddle name is different on
restoration, some registry entries will break.

Windows files can have alternate data streams, and I haven't seen any
indication of how to back those up.

Windows files have ACL's that are not compatible with Macintosh ACL's.

And annoyingly, windows registry file can only be copied either from
restore points or from shadow backup -- but I can't find any
indication of how to use shadow backup service.

So, what I thought would be a real simple question, that I can't find
with Google:
How do I copy as much as possible about my windows system, over to a
mac, so that the Mac's "Time Machine" can keep snapshots, and then
restore those files later if I clobber something?

(Grumble, western digital drives come with "backup software", but it
doesn't properly backup a whole drive, and it doesn't properly delete
files that are no longer on the source.)

Oh, and how do you automate the transfer (yes, I know about scheduled
tasks on windows) so that I don't have to type a password, without
compromising security? Some of the guides discussed ssa-gen, but then
said don't copy the files for security, so ... I'm not understanding

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