--compare-dest apparently incompatible with --checksum or --size-only

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Sat Dec 24 20:44:30 MST 2011

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If you use -a then rsync will fix the time stamps if they are
different.  Therefore rsync will have to copy them to fix the time
stamps.  If you don't care about timestamps then don't tell rsync to
sync them.

Your source and target are both local paths.  That means that rsync is
running with --whole-file forced.  It will not do a delta transfer

On 12/24/11 22:21, Jesse Molina wrote:
> I am working with rsync on Debian, package version 3.0.9-1.
> I am trying to use rsync --compare-dest to make a delta-copy of a 
> directory.
> In my case, the mtimes are all unreliable.  The data is the same,
> but the times are all messed up and always will be.
> I am trying to use --compare-dest with --checksum or --size-only
> and it does not work.  All files are transferred and the delta copy
> output is the same size as the local compared directory.
> I would rather not use --size-only for obvious reasons (eh, 1, 0,
> what's the difference?)
> Example:
> rsync -v -a --checksum --compare-dest=/original /modified
> delta-backup
> I could use fdupes to build a list instead, but it would be nice
> if rsync would would.
> Please correct me, document if this is true, or fix it.
> Other ideas?

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