--compare-dest apparently incompatible with --checksum or --size-only

Jesse Molina jesse at opendreams.net
Sat Dec 24 20:21:25 MST 2011

I am working with rsync on Debian, package version 3.0.9-1.

I am trying to use rsync --compare-dest to make a delta-copy of a directory.

In my case, the mtimes are all unreliable.  The data is the same, but 
the times are all messed up and always will be.

I am trying to use --compare-dest with --checksum or --size-only and it 
does not work.  All files are transferred and the delta copy output is 
the same size as the local compared directory.

I would rather not use --size-only for obvious reasons (eh, 1, 0, what's 
the difference?)


rsync -v -a --checksum --compare-dest=/original /modified delta-backup

I could use fdupes to build a list instead, but it would be nice if 
rsync would would.

Please correct me, document if this is true, or fix it.

Other ideas?

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