restoring system

Robert Holtzman holtzm at
Sun Apr 24 11:51:15 MDT 2011

I have restored my home directory in the past using rsync but never the
entire system. If I rsync / (on my usb drive containing the backup) to /
on the computer with a fresh install of the OS, what problems will I run
into? What about links? I am presently triple booting 3 linux distros and 
want to delete one to install something else. The distro I'm installing
will be on 3 partitions (/, /boot, and /home). Will what I'm proposing
populate the directories in these partitions or will it dump everything
into /?

I realize that I probably be better off creating a snapshot and
restoring from that but I have never had good luck with MondoRescue or

Thought I'd better ask now before I stuck my foot in it.

Bob Holtzman
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