Rsync failed as a cron task.

Benjamin R. Haskell rsync at
Thu Sep 16 09:02:50 MDT 2010

On Thu, 16 Sep 2010, Ian Skinner wrote:

> Any advice for an all around newbie.
> I have a rsync command that works just fine whenever I have executed it directly from the command line.
> /usr/local/bin/rsync -v -v -v -P --stats -z -r -t -p -l --delete 
> --password-file=/export/home/webuser/.appprod --exclude "*.htaccess" 
> /export/home/xternal/htdocs/ webuser at appprod::dprweb_www > 
> /export/home/webuser/logs/rsync
> But when we tried to execute this as a daily cron task, it did not 
> synchronize the servers.  This is all that exists in the log file 
> created by rsync.
> [client] add_rule(- *.htaccess)
> [sender] _exit_cleanup(code=1, file=main.c, line=1241): about to call exit(1)
> That doesn't tell me much.  Anybody else?

That's not the log file, per se.  That's the standard output of rsync. 
You're not capturing the error output.  You might be able to just change 
'>' to '>&', but better still would be to specify:


(With no output redirection [omit the '> /filename' portion].)

Then your log file should have more information for diagnosing the 


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