Intermittent rsync Issues

Mac User FR macuserfr at
Thu Sep 16 08:54:02 MDT 2010

Already tried --bwlimit. In my case it didn't change the error. It  
just slowed down the identical file recognition. But when it came to a  
file modified from what exist on the backup server, it dropped the  

Thanks anyway for the help!


Le 16 sept. 10 à 15:56, Paul Slootman a écrit :

> On Thu 16 Sep 2010, Mac User FR wrote:
>> I read somewhere that the ssh connection was stronger than rsync one
>> in unstable networks. And effectively, if I run rsync via ssh ( -e
>> option), the transfer happen without errors, on the same computer
>> using the same networking setup.
> I wouldn't be surprised that the extra overhead related to ssh slows  
> the
> transfer sufficiently to make a flakey network connection not give up.
> Perhaps try rate-limiting the rsync transfer.
> Paul
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