DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7450] When a single file is specified, the exclusion of it in the exclude-from file is ignored

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Sat May 29 08:48:14 MDT 2010

------- Comment #4 from wayned at  2010-05-29 09:48 CST -------
Alternately, if you want to specify an absolute path, use a filter file with
the slash (/) modifier.  i.e., if you put this in your /tmp/test/exclude file:

-/ /tmp/test/1/foo

and use this command:

rsync -aiv --filter='. /tmp/test/exclude' /tmp/test/1/foo /tmp/test/2/

then rsync will exclude that path at any point in any transfer.  If --delete
were added, keep in mind that the protected file on the receiving side must
also match the absolute path, so no "foo" in the receiving directory would be
protected from deletion in the above transfer (unlike using --exclude=/foo).

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